Whether old or new to parenting many of us don’t look forward to the long plane or train journeys that holidays tend to bring with them, so here are our tips and tricks for how to keep your baby or toddler amused for the hard part!

Use a wrist strap for toddlers

There’s nothing worse than the long queues at the terminal, checking luggage in and out without trying to supervise your child at the same time. So, to avoid the inevitable panic of wondering where your toddler has run off to as you navigate your way through airports and train stations try using a wrist strap between you and your toddler at the passport desk, luggage retrieval etc. – it can help to explain to them that they just need to wear it for certain parts of the journey and so that you can stay together. Your toddler is unlikely to want to lose sight of you too!

Pack a backpack with fun things to do

Get help from your toddler with this – by getting them involved in what they would like to take with them to keep them amused, this will also help them to understand that if they get bored and restless that they can take a look in the bag for something to do. You could take colouring books, a tablet with pre-downloaded films or games and maybe even some off-duty goodies whilst you go through the airport for the plane ride.

The more time the better

It may seem silly to get to the airport with tons of time ahead of you with a baby or toddler, since you may want to limit boredom and nappy changes at the airport to a minimum. But time can be your best friend for staying calm, and the calmer you are the better you’ll be at dealing with the inevitable challenges that travelling brings. Do your research on the airport beforehand – does it have many restaurants/feeding and changing areas? That way you know where to head with your baby or toddler and the wait time will fly by.

Travel light

We know, easier said than done! But in terms of outfit changes and toys, ensuring your travel as light as possible will save the exhaustion of carrying the luggage around as well as your baby/toddler, meaning you’ll have more energy for everything else the journey brings.

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