The suns shining and the days are longer, so of course you want to make the most out of the British Summer with your baby! We’ve rounded up some tips for enjoying the warm weather safely with your baby:

If your baby is under 6 months old, stay in the shade
As your baby won’t have developed enough melanin for sun exposure at this age, be sure to stay in the shade during playtime – take time to sit under a tree with a picnic, also try to avoid times when the sun is brightest (usually between 11 am and 3pm).

Use a parasol or sunshade for your baby’s pram
This will help to keep your baby in the shade whilst you’re out and about, ensuring they stay cool and away from direct sunlight whilst you’re taking a summer stroll.  Don't put a blanket over as this can turn the pram into a heat trap very quickly.

Get the pool out!
Perfect for keeping the kids cool and entertained during the family barbeques, having a paddling pool in a shaded area of the garden is a must for summer – and why not join in too? 

Dress your baby in breathable fabrics

So that your baby doesn’t get too hot in their clothes, ensure they aren’t wearing anything synthetic that could trap heat – instead opt for loose natural fibres such as cotton. A nice floppy hat will protect their head too!

Here’s our picks for keeping your baby cool: